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Golf, Stalkers, Cookies, and Emmys Why You Should Use Infographics

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Fewer things will repel a reader faster than large blocks of text with no breaks, bullets, or photos. Even if your blog subscribers are just nuts about your work, they will subconsciously cringe a little every time they open your site and see a daunting wall of characters with nothing for the eye to latch onto.

Infographics to the rescue! Whatever you talk about in your blog, chances are good you can pull some data and make an infographic out of it. There are three main advantages of this, and for the sake of your eyes, I’ll bullet them out for you (see how I did that?):

  • Visual Relief. A catchy graphic off to the side of the text will give readers something else to anchor their eyes on. Your blog will have visual variety, and your paragraphs will not seem so daunting. Change it up from left to right and it’s like your readers’ eyes are doing a downhill slalom.
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  • Consolidation of Information. Rather than packing endless strings of nu