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Turn Your Company Data Into a Valuable Visualization

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Sometimes, the easiest way to understand a concept is through data visualization. Imagine if the stock market was not translated into graphs! Imagine trying to understand the daily fluctuations verbally, or by simply reading the data on a piece of paper and not having a visual line to follow. It is not just the stock market that benefits from visualizations, any business might benefit from creating data infographics. If your organization uses complex data, and is looking for a better way to share it, then here are two steps which will help.

Decide on a format to visualize data.

Data infographics can take many forms. Consider these options.

  • Interactive, or static?
  • Chart, or graph?
  • Map, or word cloud?
  • Timeline, or projection?

Different sets of data are best represented in different ways. For example, if you want to reference historical data, a timeline might be best, but you could also consider an interactive visualization