8 Top Reasons to Get a Pet for your Family – Family Reading

y is keeping your kids healthy. This may sound counter-intuitive when it comes to pets, such as animals and cats. Both are furry and can cause allergic reactions, but it’s been proven that exposure to animals may help to protect children from certain diseases.

Dennis Ownby, a pediatrician at the Medical College of Georgia found that children who were exposed to multiple animals may become less likely develop allergies. These findings result from studies conducted on over 450 children.

He found that kids who were exposed to more than two animals as children were more likely to not develop frequent allergies as compared to children who didn’t have pets at homes. Kids that grew up in homes that had pets also showed lesser positive tests of their skin for in-house allergens such as dust-mite and pet allergens and other external allergens like grass. Another study by different doctors have suggested that early exposure to animals can reduce a child’s risk of developing asthma.

Nobody knows how exposure to pets can keep kids healthy. Still, Dr. Ownby says that since pets love to lick children and licking them, they transfer bacteria into mouths of children. The exposure to these bacteria could alter the way your kid’s immune system responds to allergens. That means that your child will not be in and out of health centers all time because of allergies.

The beneficial effects of pet bacteria are for youngsters, however it could even be harmful to them especially if they’re pets like cats or dogs. To ensure that your family is protected, you must apply vaccines to your pet as well as control pests within your home.

Pets may help foster a sense of security in Kids

The fourth option for the eight top reasons to get an animal for your household encourages caring. It is satisfying to share the unconditional love that animals show and most pet owners enjoy giving their pets a loving and lavish treatment. If you’re not planning for children, having animals can assist you find the help you’re looking for.