Four Reasons to Add Infographics to Your Website

Though numbers will vary, there are roughly half a million new businesses that are launched every year. And despite the fact that few of them last than less than two years, and a full half are shut down within four, entrepreneurs and individuals looking for new opportunities continue to start their own businesses. Though there are several challenges and factors that play into that unfortunate trend, one of the biggest problems is that it is difficult for businesses to stand out. One of the best ways to overcome that, is by building a powerful web presence, anchored by a strong website, that features lots of marketing infographics. Using data visualization tools is a great way for businesses to set themselves apart in a few different ways.

Attract Quick-Moving Shoppers

Web users move quickly from site to site, and have no problem moving on without taking in everything a site has to offer. In fact, it only takes between two and four seconds for visitors to determine if a site has any value to them. Because of that, businesses should add data visualizations to their websites in order to attract the eye of web users and make them want to stay.

Share Information

No matter what kind of information is most important to a business, showcasing it in marketing infographics on the website is always a good idea. Humans remember only about a fifth of what they read, but have a great memory for images. So any business who wants to stand out and establish a highly visible brand should share promotions, sales, and achievements in infographics, rather than text heavy pages.

Boost Engagement

It can be tough for businesses to get their website to be anything other than a place for both current and potential customers to get some new information or do product research. The best sites will include fresh content, and cool marketing infographics could get shares and likes on social media. That could go a long way towards helping a company establish a potent online marketing campaign.

Create a Unique Aesthetic

Though there are all kinds of benefits to adding infographics, the aesthetic upgrade that they can provide can’t be ignored. Without images, websites become dull, text heavy, and generally not as interesting. But by creating infographics with colors, graphs, and even some creative ideas, businesses can make their sites stand out from all the rest.

Using infographics is just one of many different strategies that businesses can use to turn their website into a valuable asset. But unlike some, because of free online creators, they often come at no cost, making them one of the most successful tools available.