How to Create a Minecraft Server – Art Magazines Online

u and your friends/family? All you need is an internet connection, and you’ll require a personal computer to run the server and be able to play the game.

Use the link 2 in the YouTube video to download the Minecraft server files. It is possible to download Java for the application to be able to run it and download the required files. After the file has been executed several items are added to the folder. Modify the EULA.txt file in order to accept their rules. After clicking to accept the terms, the server.jar file launches the server’s console. This instantly configures the server’s global settings and the spawning zones. It has been verified and has been tested.

Let Friends Join the Server
You will need to shut down both the server and the game before you can allow your friends to join. Launch the command line and type in “ipconfig” after which press enter. You will have to shut down their default gateway and ipv4 addresses. They will need these to trigger an account prompt that relies on router’s logins. Once logged in, then they will need to redirect their router. The video goes into greater detail about port forwarding and the steps to follow.

This is an easy way to set up an Minecraft server that can be shared with their friends and family. It makes for a painless experience by playing with friends. ss9hn5zhsu.