Make It Easy on Your Readers

Want to know how to improve your blog subscription rate and reach a wider audience, no matter what your blog is about?

Make it easy on your readers.

See what I did there? It took six words to tell you all you need to know about blogging success. And since those six words were written as a standalone paragraph, your eye is immediately drawn to them, providing heightened impact. You know how I did it?

I made it easy on my readers.

Sit down, research your topic, write your blog, concentrate on saying all the things you want to say. And then stand up and walk away before you actually post it. Go to a movie, go for a walk around the block, go do some jumping jacks, whatever, just get away from the article for a little bit. Then come back and get ready to do the real work.

Look at what you wrote and try to find ways to (you guessed it) make it easy on your readers. Are there any sentences that ramble on? If so, cut them down. Does each paragraph focus on a single idea? If not, tighten them up. Do you include any facts, figures, or other data that are just sitting there in an imposing mishmash of text and percent signs?

Make it easy on your readers.

Take whatever statistics you found and plug them into some data infographics. By letting your readers visualize data rather than having to read it, you kill two birds with one stone. You present the data in a way that is more readily organized by the eye and more easily understood by the brain, AND you free up space in your article to discuss what the data actually means. Data visualization tools are a win win for writers and readers, because they do what?

They make it easy on your readers.

Worried about the aesthetic appeal? Good. But stop it. Infographics that make it easy for readers to visualize data can be customized to any blogging style, and can fit any theme of any site. Choose a style that suits you and your writing voice, and never let your blog get bogged down by cumbersome statistics again. And keep doing what?

Making it easy on your readers.

Repetition helps, too.