Should You Choose Traditional Braces or Invisalign? – Teeth Video

s best for you? The video below from Teeth Talk Girl goes over the benefits of braces and Invisalign.

If you’ve shied away from braces due to of their look and feel, then you’ll appreciate how inconspicuous Invisalign aligners are. A majority of people won’t even be able to spot your aligners while you’re wearing them! They will come off before meals, meaning you don’t need to keep far from sticky or hard food items. Invisalign provides a huge advantage over braces in that you’ll need to see the dentist less frequently.

If you are dealing with an issue with alignment Braces could be your best option. While Invisalign could not be suitable for specific conditions but braces can be used to address large gaps between teeth, severely dislocated or overcrowded teeth as well as other problems. Braces are the best way to achieve the results that you’re looking for.

If you opt for braces or Invisalign is contingent on the requirements of you as a. A conversation with an orthodontic professional about the options available is a great option. There will be answers to all your queries, and identify the most suitable treatment to suit your needs.