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heart malfunction) as well as Renal failure (kidney illness). Heart failure, kidney disease and renal failure. HealthWell Foundation also assists those who may not qualify however still require financial assistance. If you’re an elderly person who lives on your own and are facing increasing medical costs as a result of the condition (which may cause depression) Then you should make an application.
Covered Medicine

A covered medicine is a prescription medication covered under the plan for health care of a patient. The HealthWell website lists covered medicines, including brand and generic names, as well as disease states and drug classes.

How do you proceed before you submit

If you fulfill the above conditions and would like financial help from HealthWell Foundation, HealthWell Foundation, you will complete an online application form. The initial step is the filling out an application online. It is possible to download the consent of the caregiver or patient online. The document outlines how the Foundation will use your information in the future, what it can do with it, and your important rights as a caregiver or patient. The patient is required to provide information through printing the form. When the form is completed, you will be able to sign the application and submit the documentation required. Once you have completed the application, your HealthWell account will be in good standing in the Foundation. The application process is via telephone, mail or fax.

HealthWell ensures that patients get their medical care and without the stress of paying for the treatment. HealthWell Foundation HealthWell Foundation is a great foundation that has helped millions of people get medical care. They’d appreciate your help by requesting that you contribute to their mission. Contact us to find out more about the purpose of our charity and the ways that we could join forces.