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Make It Easy on Your Readers

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Want to know how to improve your blog subscription rate and reach a wider audience, no matter what your blog is about?

Make it easy on your readers.

See what I did there? It took six words to tell you all you need to know about blogging success. And since those six words were written as a standalone paragraph, your eye is immediately drawn to them, providing heightened impact. You know how I did it?

I made it easy on my readers.

Sit down, research your topic, write your blog, concentrate on saying all the things you want to say. And then stand up and walk away before you actually post it. Go to a movie, go for a walk around the block, go do some jumping jacks, whatever, just get away from the article for a little bit. Then come back and get ready to do the real work.

Look at what you wrote and try to find ways to (you guessed it) make it easy on your readers. Are there any sentences that ramble on? If so, cut them down. Does each paragraph focus on a single idea? If not, tighten t

Why Data Visualization Tools Are Helpful

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Data visualization tools are available for many different reasons. Data infographics make it simple to portray graphics, organize information, and upsell whatever is being presented. There are plenty of free tools available that work very well and can make presentations easier and more colorful.

With visualization tools, things that may be difficult to chart or graph can become simpler and easier on the eyes. Most tools offer a wide variety of styles, colors, labels, and ways to make the information easy to keep track of. Presentation is all about visualization after all.